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New York Comic Con 2018

Another year in the books!

I'm so grateful to have attended New York Comic Con three years in a row. For those of you who don't know what that is, let me give you the short definition. NYCC is an annual nerd convention. It's an awesome place to appreciate and celebrate anime, comics, graphic novels, video games and so much more. Every year I go to NYCC with my boyfriend, Tom, and we cosplay as our favorite characters. Each year we've made homemade costumes.

For NYCC 2016 our spidey senses told us to be MJ and Spider-Man. It was pure coincidence that for NYCC 2017 we decided to go with a Ghostbusters theme and the previous year the backdrop of our picture was of the Ghostbusters. I think we made a pretty great Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Ghostbuster. It was only appropriate to take a picture that year next to Spider-Man in honor of our previous costumes. This year I was Princess Daisy and Tom was Waluigi, but it was extra special for me as a cosplayer. I knit my whole entire outfit. Yes, you read that right. I KNIT A DRESS, for the very first time too. A lot of crying and finger blistering went down at 2am every night leading up to NYCC, but the universe somehow helped me get it done in time for our Saturday adventure.

All my hard work was worth it because I had the opportunity to show off my handmade dress in a photo op with the one and only Jason Momoa (*heavy breathing*). Although our time with him was short-lived (14 seconds to be exact) because there were hundreds of people waiting to meet him and we had to keep the line moving, it definitely was a highlight in our day.

How I Made My Outfit: I did freestyle knitting for my Princess Daisy belt, collar, crown, flower, and gloves. For my dress I used inspiration from Lion Brand's Speed Stix Mini Dress pattern to get an idea of what the basic shape of the dress needed to be. Instead of using the seed stitch and stockinette stitch as instructed, I used garter stitch for the whole dress and made decrease stitches as needed. Knitting on size US 50 needles with 9 strands of yarn at a time was definitely an experience, but in the end I was really proud of myself for accomplishing something so grand in such a short amount of time. I completed this whole project in only 8 days!! I'd like to thank my mom for her motivational words when I wanted to throw my needles out the window and Tom for helping untangle the 9 strands of yarn so I could knit faster.

I'm already thinking about what we're going to cosplay as for next year and because I received so many compliments on my dress this year, I'm considering knitting my next costume. This time I'll be sure to start my project months in advance!

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