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Dollar Store DIY: Pumpkin Decor

It's spooky season, which means Halloween is just around the corner! Although I love watching horror movies and seeing people dress up as scary characters, this year I was feeling mythical creature vibes instead. I decided to continue my Dollar Store DIY (DSDIY) series and whip up a quick, easy and inexpensive mermaid pumpkin and unicorn pumpkin. If you haven't already, go check out my very first DSDIY, "Dollar Store DIY: Floral Centerpiece!"

As most of you know by now, I love a good bargain. Why not use your resources the right way and create something magical for 3/4 less the price?! The dollar store doesn't always work out for me, but this time it didn't disappoint. If you're an avid crafter you'll have most of these supplies at home anyway, but if not here's what you'll need if you make both pumpkins.

Let's get crafting!


-Two plastic pumpkins

-One paint kit (I already had paint so I didn't need to buy any, but I know it's sold at the dollar store)

-Assorted paint brushes (I already had brushes, but I know the dollar store has a variety pack)

-Seashells (I already had shells, but I know the dollar store sells sacks of assorted shells)

-Flowers (I had left over flowers from a previous DSDIY so I also didn't need to buy these, but the dollar store has a nice selection of fake flowers)

-Glue gun with refill glue sticks (Most dollar stores don't sell glue guns, but you can buy one from a craft store for $2-$3. If you want to stick to the DSDIY you can use liquid glue instead)

Total money spent with all supplies: $7

Total money I spent because I already had most of the supplies at home: $2 (I only needed to buy the two plastic pumpkins lol)


Paint the pumpkins your preferred base color. The dollar store didn't have white pumpkins so I just bought orange pumpkins and painted them white.

Instructions for Mermaid Pumpkin:

After the base color dries, paint the lower half of the pumpkin any color you wish your mermaid "tail" to be. I decided to go with turquoise. Then paint a thin line in the same color about an inch above the lower half, leaving a white space in between. Paint two seashells with glitter paint and hot glue them to the "bra" line. Add glitter paint to the lower half of the "tail". Hot glue flowers to the top. Your mermaid is now ready to swim. Just kidding, don't put it in water.

Instructions for Unicorn Pumpkin:

After the base color dries, prep your unicorn horn by painting the seashell gold. Remove the stem on the pumpkin and hot glue the seashell where the stem used to be. Take a black marker or pen just to outline the eyes, then paint them over in black. Add two pink circles for rosey cheeks. Finish the pumpkin by hot gluing flowers around the horn. Sit back and admire your cute little unicorn.

Wasn't that easy and fun?! You can make them too using supplies from the DOLLAR STORE! Go you! Use the extra money you would've spent at an expensive craft store and buy yourself Halloween candy. TREAT yourself.

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