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Dollar Store DIY: Disney Autograph Scrapbook

It took me a whole month to write this blog post. Yes, exactly one month ago I was on a plane with my boyfriend Tom traveling to the happiest place on earth. Now let me tell you why it took me a whole month to write this: post-Disney blues. Yes Xo-Tics, post-Disney blues are REAL. Tom and I went to Walt Disney World Resort for only 3 nights/4 days, but even if we stayed longer I know my post-Disney blues would have been even worse. Because of our short stay we only went to Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but it was still amazing and I'm so happy we made so many memories together on our weekend getaway. In fact, as soon as we got home I started looking at real estate in Florida because my delusional self thought I was going to move there, become a Disney cast member and go to Disney everyday for the rest of my life. Graduate school soon slapped me in the face and I was back to reality. *sigh*

BUT Disney will always be in my heart and I will go back soon, someday. For now I can look at the unique autograph scrapbooks I created for us to spark excitement in my mundane, Disney-less life and feel proud that I made these autograph scrapbooks only using materials from the DOLLAR STORE!! That's right. I'm back at it again with my Dollar Store DIY Series.

Although I love everything Disney, it can be pricey for someone on a budget. Being frugal and shopping smarter is what actually help me save for my Disney trip. I LOVE taking pictures and I knew I definitely wanted to meet as many characters as I could in the parks and get their autograph. I could have easily bought a Disney autograph book, but I thought it would be more fun, meaningful and cost effective to just make one myself so I went to my local dollar store and bought the following. I made Tom and I identical autograph scrapbooks with the exception of a few different stickers and decorations to match our personal style. For the purpose of this DIY I will only be giving instructions for what I created for myself.


1. One hard or soft cover photo album (total of 12 inserts, 24 with front and back)

2. Variety of Disney stickers (I couldn't believe the dollar store had Disney bubble stickers!)

3. Variety of beaded stickers (I bought a rainbow pack)

4. Colored index cards (I used black, red and white)

5. Stylish labels (I used gold)

6. Glitter letter stickers (Also gold)

7. Black marker

8. Scissors

9. Double sided tape

Total money for all supplies: $11 Total money I spent because I already had some supplies at home: $6


Start by cutting pieces of your double sided tape and securing the white index card onto the black and red index cards. The white space will be your creative area for autographs and photos. The black and red borders give the autograph scrapbook a special Disney look and feel. I made 12 red cards and 12 black cards for my book so I could alternate the colors.

Now that you have the bulk of your autograph scrapbook completed, decorate the front of your album however you'd like. I decided to put an oval label on the front to hide the original design on the album and put the year in glitter letters. I also used an index card and more glitter letters to personalize the front. Make this part as creative as you'd like. There are no rules when you DIY!

I thought it would be really sweet if Tom and I wrote each other a little note in the front of our autograph scrapbook so I decorated a plain white index card for us to write something about our trip to one another. For the purpose of keeping my personal life private I won't share what he wrote, but just know it was SUPER sweet. I have an amazing man in my life and this autograph scrapbook is even more meaningful to me now with his personal message in it.

Now that the sappiness is over, let's move on with decorating the rest of our blank pages! Here's what I did. I didn't want to make my pages too busy because I knew that when I added the autographs and photos it would brighten everything up.

I brought my instant camera with me on vacation to take some cool polaroid shots in addition to the photos I took on my phone. After playing around with layout and designs, here's what my finished book ended up looking like! All I did was use my double sided tape to secure everything.

I'm really happy with the finished product. It's a great keepsake to look back on when I miss Disney or need to smile on a bad day. For those of you who are not super crafty, this is a great project for you. There's a lot you can do with just double sided tape, photos and some stickers!

If you haven't been to Walt Disney World Resort, then you don't understand how a mouse could make a grown woman cry tears of joy. It's an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. It truly is magical and almost impossible to be unhappy in such an uplifting and happy place. No wonder why it's called the happiest place on earth. Seeing the castle lit so beautifully at night right after the fireworks was absolutely breathtaking. Being able to document everything in my autograph scrapbook will help me remember every amazing detail of my fun-filled and memorable trip. Always remember, a dream is a wish your heart makes. Never let go of your dreams. Even if they seem far away. See you soon, Disney.

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